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Machu Picchu in the afternoon

"A rhythm more powerful and inexorable than the rhythm of human reason is sweeping through the human race, a rhythm that springs from deep within the bowels of the earth and resonates with the most distant reaches of stellar space. This rhythm is the heartbeat of the transformative vision."
~ Jose Arguelles ~

Welcome to the story of the Peru Essences, how they can help you, and how to use them. Want to go straight to the essences? Click here!

You can also download a copy of the Peru Essences Guide here. It contains the information on this page, plus descriptions of all the essences and photos from Peru. Or download just the descriptions here.

The Peru Essences

These 24 essences were made in Peru in the spring of 2010. Peru is an amazing place ­ beautiful, modern, ancient, sacred ­ all are words that describe this historic land. I believe all of the Earth is sacred and holy, yet there are places where the sacredness vibrates more clearly and brightly than others. The ancient ruins of Peru include some of those places. Everywhere we experienced a rebalancing and reawakening of unity consciousness. It was magical!

I was in Peru from April 23 to May 4, 2010, and co-created the first seventeen essences there. Fellow traveler, Marjorie Bowers, participated in several of those ceremonies, and Marcia Corenman, also on the tour, joined the two of us to co-create Temple of the Sun. The next six were co-created by Marjorie Bowers, who stayed there for another week. The final essence in the set, Southern Cross, was co-created after I returned from Peru. Notes in italics, following the descriptions, offer brief information about some of the sites.

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Awakening to Unity

Awakening to unity is a journey of remembering and profound healing. It is an experience in the body rather than an understanding or creation of the mind.

Unity is always present; it is our most natural state. We must simply awaken from our unconsciousness and step into it with unerring faith and confidence to remember its truth.

I don't know about you, but that can be a tough obstacle for me sometimes. The simple answer always seems to be the most challenging!

Across many cultures and generations we have learned to disconnect ourselves from Life, creating separation and duality where our naturalness and our deepest heart's desire is to be whole.

Indigenous peoples around the world have a remarkable, and simple, relationship with Mother Earth, what the Peruvian people call "Pachamama", and many around the world call "Gaia." She is a living being to those who understand her wisdom, and we must cultivate a closer connection to our home planet --- and to each other --- if we are to successfully navigate the transitions and transformations of our current experiences and thrive into the future.

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How can the Peru Essences help?

The Peru essences hold the vibrations of sacred places and energies from Peru. All were made in ceremony and each one embodies a unique pattern and healing potential.

Because, like all essences, they are truly holistic in action, they offer support across all aspects of our being ­ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ­ with their most powerful effects in the emotional and spiritual realms. They restore and replenish the subtle energy bodies which contributes to rebalancing well-being on all levels.

Because essences are holistic by their very nature, they can indicate healing potential as well as signs of imbalance. When signaling harmony and healing potential, they strengthen and confirm your inner work, and guide you to your next steps. When they signal imbalance, they offer support and reflection, suggesting possible redirection or focus. Sometimes they provide a personal message just for you, and on occasion, a swift kick in the backside!

All of this, along with their unique vibrational signatures, alters your energy field, opens you to new possibilities, and restores balance and wholeness. Always, when working with essences, listen with an open heart!


How do I choose the right essence?

To choose (or discover!) the one(s) read through the descriptions and select the essence(s) that feels or sounds right. It may be the name, a keyword in the description, or just a feeling within.

If you know how to dowse using a pendulum or muscle test yourself, those are good tools to use. You can also allow your body sensations and intuition to guide you, or ask a practitioner to recommend one or more in a program of ongoing support.

If you think you need one of everything, RIGHT NOW!, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. It can feel overwhelming sometimes ­ every essence describes a part of you that needs help and, OMG, there may not even be enough in the whole world to make you feel better... I know, I've been there!

When this happens, take a step back and let your mind relax. Ask your soul and heart to let your highest priority percolate into your awareness. Focus on one element of your life at a time for the clearest results. This will help you cultivate patience, too.

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Healing with essences

Healing happens on a body/physical level through the unique frequency of each essence and its impact on your energy field. It happens on a mind/intellectual level through the words in each description and how you hear, feel and think about them. And it happens on a soul/spiritual level by evoking the eternal part of you, your soul blueprint, and bringing pertinent aspects of it into your conscious awareness.

Your most essential power is the power of your presence. Essences offer a gentle touch and guidance, encouraging the full flowering and expression of your essential nature. The Peru Essences reach deeply into the Soul, healing divisions inside and out.

You'll find quotes scattered throughout the Peru Essences guide. Each one made its way to me during this past year as I was experiencing the essences and listening for the descriptions. It is uncanny how they reflect the work of the essences.

This one, from Remember Your Essence by journalist and writer, Paul Williams, in many ways defines the goal of this sacred set of essences:


Remember that your essence is experienced by you as a feeling.

The trap is this: wanting to know who you are,
which means you want to be able to say some words,
think a thought, cling to a description.

The question comes: how can I find out what my essence is?

There's nothing to find out.

Remember it. Experience it. Feel the feeling of it.

Let go of your thoughts, let the talk inside your head drift away,
be still and remember who you are.

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Honor your experience

Please remember, as you read through the descriptions in the Guide, that the words are discerned through my filters, experiences and beliefs. They are not the be-all and end-all, the final "it" of these essences, which I believe to be truly limitless; they are a starting place, awaiting activation and expansion by your use and experience of them. Use the words to see possibilities, to stimulate your heart and mind, to explore and discover for yourself.

YOU are the healer and the healed, and it is by your responses and actions that you will find the path to wholeness that is uniquely yours.

Used consistently and with clear intent the Peru Essences will help you restore your soul connection to Mother Earth, fall in love with yourself, and Awaken to Unity. Enjoy the journey!


"Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."

~ Hippocrates ~

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At the end of the day in Machu Picchu, we were rewarded with a rainbow!

Nanci's tour to Peru was conducted by guide extraordinaire, Kathy Doore. To learn more about Peru: Journey of the Masters, visit Kathy's website: http://www.labyrinthina.com/.

Kathy is also the author of an exceptional book about the Markawasi Stone Forest, Markawasi: Peru's Inexplicable Stone Forest. For more information or to purchase the book, go to http://www.markawasi.com/

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